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Ceremony is an exclusive children's boutique clothing brand, offering its own unique, designer clothing collections for boys and girls from newborn to 10 years old. We pride ourselves on creating amazing children's clothing in designer styles with fine, attentive detailing to make your child feel wonderful. With new collections that change with the seasons, there's always something fresh and exciting available on our website. Browse by collection in our 'New Arrivals' section, or head straight to the 'Girl' and 'Boy' categories to find specific garments.

Established over 25 years ago in 1987, the creation of Ceremony as a children's clothing brand was preceded by many years of preparatory work and market research. Fulfilling her hopes and dreams spun from childhood, Ilona Wojcik opened her own chain of boutiques and a professional sewing shop. Since then, we have been taking the Ceremony brand across many parts of the world and found that parents simply fall in love with the special designs and become loyal followers! We are so pleased to now be offering Ceremony clothing here in the UK, with a shop in Marlow and of course this website you're viewing.

Initially our company consisted of just four people. Over the years, the best specialists joined the team and today, after 25 years of operations, the brand has dozens of highly qualified technologists, designers, stylists and over 250+ boutiques shops. The philosophy behind the Ceremony brand is our belief that the perfection of a whole is created by the perfection of every detail.

All of the Ceremony collections are manufactured in Europe, which enables us to control the process at each stage from highest quality and exclusive fabrics. They are characterised by elegant and unique design. We take our best efforts to make our Ceremony clothes stand out; this is achieved thanks to perfect workmanship and attention to every detail.

Exquisite childrenswear for babies and children

We like to think that choosing clothing for your child is now a simple task with our impressive collection of children's designer style clothes here at Ceremony. With beautiful original designs, and superb details to all our pieces, there is plenty to get you feeling inspired and excited about clothing for your child.

Our assortment of boutique boys and boutique girls clothes are designed to be durable as well as look good, so they can really enjoy being out and about without a care in the world. Most of our collections are what we'd describe as casualwear but there are plenty of smart and striking outfits for babies and children that are perfect as formal wear for special occasions. Our baby and toddler clothes include a great choice of tops, knitwear, trousers, skirts and dresses. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating quality clothing for your child, and we choose materials that are only the very best in durability and practicality.

We are well regarded in many countries across the world for our children's boutique clothing, and this gathers pace constantly. Clothes are our passion, and something we create with real excitement and devotion. Designing clothing that children will love as much as their parents can be a challenge but we know that what we do at Ceremony is universally loved. However young they are, they know that they look and feel good in Ceremony clothing and if they're happy, then we're happy.

Collections for boys and girls

In our 'New Arrivals' section, you will find all our new season clothes, with the collections categorised so you can create matching outfits with great ease. Where possible, we will have images from our catalogue so you can get a better sense of the collection style. Our new collections are the best place to head to first for amazing, boutique styles and the freshest designer looks.

For everything including new and older season clothing, you can see it all together in the sections for 'girl' and 'boy' in the top navigation. This is perfect for when you're just after particular items like dresses, jumpers, trousers or accessories like hats and socks. You can find these items very easily in these sections and choose from all the styles available on the website.

You'll find our clearance clothing from previous seasons in the 'sale' section, where we have a lot of discounted clothing. A brilliant category to browse to find lovely pre-season items at low prices. These can add even more variety to your little one's wardrobe and enhance other outfits or allow for layering.

We hope you love the Ceremony clothing collections as much as we do, and please do not hesitate to pop into our shop in Marlow if you're passing - we'd love to see you!